A Perfect Day

Waking in a bungalow 8 feet off the ground excited to explore Vang Vieng, Laos with Michael is the beginning of a perfect day. Farm animals were on the property behind us. bungalow12We heard pigs, birds, roosters and a myriad of other animal sounds. Our bungalow was situated on the bank of a beautiful river, Nam Xong. Vang Vieng is only a few blocks in each direction so we walked, passing happy children, chickens, very simple houses and experiencing a new culture. We floated down the river on intertubes. We asked the tuk tuk driver to take us further up the river and were thankful later he hadn’t. la-river-at-vang-vieng2The river was slow moving, clear so you could see the bottom and gorgeous. The float took about 4 hours. We saw women and a few men harvesting algae from the river, putting it in a basket on their back. I harvested some and one of the men smiled. I used a long bamboo pole to harvest with, which I was also using to push me along. We stopped to explore a cave. From the river bank we walked through a field, wondering if we were on a “wild goose chase”, then climbed the steep craggy lime mountain. cave2When we finally reached the opening we looked in and I thought, “OK we see it let’s go.” It looked like a very huge opening in the mountain. Michael wanted me to climb down in. I did so grumbling. The surprise was that when we got down into the cave we could see much more cave in front of us. It also was a nice break from the heat being that it was cool. We walked and walked. It was if the whole mountain was hollow. The cave was flat bottomed, about 50 feet wide and 30 feet high. Many times it is good to listen to your kids. Along the river were a few entrepreneurs with cold drinks and a rope you could swing over the river and jump in. The vistas were breathtaking with tall limestone mountains and green fields. By the end of the float I had thoroughly enjoyed the river and warm sun, but my arms were tired from treading water. I remember seeing massage establishments near the take out and think it would be a great idea to have one. After having a refreshment Michael and I talked to the lady about getting a massage. I was first and Michael would come back in an hour for his…well at the beginning of my massage in broken, very broken English I heard, “you like 2 hours, it would be very nice?” Well, I thought Michael won’t be back for an hour, then he will be another hour and it was only $4. an hour so why not. I want to go back for some more. Lao masseuse have a unique, indescribable technique! field2We rented a motorcycle to explore and turned down a small dirt lane, all “roads” are dirt, to see people tending to their daily living, with cows, chickens and kids on the lane. They stared at us because we are such an oddity, but with smiles and greeting of SABADEE. (Good Day) I loved those happy, simple, beautiful people and there simple life and gorgeous country. We ate dinner in an open air stall. The young girl waiting on us showed interest in new words, so Michael taught her how to greet someone and ask their name. She was precious and thankful. He checked with her the next day to see if she remembered. sunset3Michael is a great travel companion. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and experience with him.

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  1. Mike Danley

    So they changed the bus station. Last time Kim and I went to Vong Vieng the bus station was on the other end of town. We didnt want to pay the fifty cents so ended up walking at least a mile or two because we thought the guest houses would have been close. Turns out the town at least doubled in size from tourism so we were way off.

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