Beverly Lake, Alaska

It is an awesome life when you can spend the summer at the edge of a small secluded lake in Alaska and watch nature happen.  You choose…do you want to sit on the dock to be closer to the fish jumping, lake otters swimming around you, watch the loons play, and occasionally have the gracious swans visit.swans-with-flowersOr would you rather lounge on the deck with a good book and see the resident eagle fly over and perch on a nearby spruce, listen and watch the small planes fly over and watch nature though out the summer as the leaves come out, the first wildflowers bloom and then more. It is really a thrill. 

I like to sit in my recliner in front of the wall to wall windows and watch the birds feed and fly from tree to tree, the squirrel jump from limb to limb and sometimes harass the birds and ducks and the mother duck waddle up from the lake to under the bird feeder with her babies in tow to eat bird seed. 

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