Making A Difference

Why are we here? For me one of the reasons is to make a difference. How can one person make a difference? You probably are already making a difference in ways you don’t even know. There are several ways I like to make a difference. The first one is having children and doing my best to pass on love and good character. I am proud of Scott, Brent, Christina, Kenneth and Michael. kids0309They are now living the lives they believe in with love in their hearts. We make a difference to strangers by offering small acts of kindness, encouraging words or even a smile to brighten their day. To our community we make a difference by giving our talents. I like to help someone organize a space, room or house that is causing them frustration. I have enjoyed sharing my talents as a seamstress to make a wedding dress, recover furniture or help a grandchild make a pillow. In the global arena it is easy to make a difference by donating to people with less to help a women in a third world country start a cottage business so she can provide for her family or help fund a water system to provide safe drinking water to the entire community.


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