Serendipitous San Diego

San Diego has to be one of my favorites! I enjoyed the beauty, people, history, ocean, weather and ease of getting around.p10002831 Mary ended up with a ticket that she wasn’t going to use because she had no one to go with so I hastily volunteered. adidas ultra boost christian louboutin Balboa Park was beautiful with exquist landscaping and well maintained buildings dating back to 1915. We rode an open air trolley around the park. adidas zx 750 The Tinkem Museum was an interesting collection of art donated from the Putnam sisters. adidas x 16.3 We could have spent an entire day in the park, but opted to venture on across the “blue bridge” to Coronado Island. There we walked the shore watching the sail boats, ferry, people and pelicans fishing. baskets adidas zx 750 We ate at a BBQ restaurant in the shopping village. Yummy! My favorite shop was the art studio and my favorite artist was Grant Pecoff for his whimsical and colorful scenes. mu legend zen for sale Next we head off to find Hotel Del Coronado.Hotel Del Coronado It is as grand as ever. Did you know, ” Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe was filmed there? The hotel was built in 1888. adidas zx flux pas cher We rode the steel cage elevator. The lobby was magnificent with it’s pure elegance. louboutin chaussure In the garden was a tour of Dr Seuss statues. adidas femme pas cher People of all ages and nationalities were enjoying them. mu legend power leveling The Gaslight Quarter was a must see we didn’t need to see. I guess it is for a younger crowd then we are. adidas y3 It was a huge restored section of San Diego alive with the bar scene. We had a hot dog. We would have enjoyed it more in the daylight. The old buildings were beautiful. adidas messi 2017 Of course the streets were lined with fancy street lights with big white bulbs. adidas chaussures We met Mary’s son in law, Patrick who is visiting the city for a doctors convention. chaussures adidas We strolled the Seaport Village. Seaport VillageWe ate lunch at a restaurant that was extended over the water on pilings. We had the skyline of San Diego on one side and the harbor on the other. The sidewalk was lined with shops and people enjoying the park. chaussures adidas adidas hamburg There is a fun, gigantic sailor statue on the shoreline. We walked around the USS Midway. adidas zx 500 The USS Midway was the longest serving aircraft carrier that operated from 1945 to 1991. It looked longer than a city block. cheap mu Legend zen Carlsbad has “to die for” strawberries! We ate breakfast at an Armenian Restaurant on the Pacific Coast Highway in Carlsbad. adidas tubular We wanted to find the 50 acres of flower fields which we did, but we were a few weeks late. adidas femme pas cher We shopped in the flower shop there and bought some strawberries. They were a real treat!Strawberries On to the Sicilian Fest 2009. It was in Little Italy, San Diego. adidas superstar 80s legend zen for sale Very fun. It was several blocks long, blocked off with four stages and vendors lining the street. We enjoyed the various entertainers, flowers, happy people and the music that filled the air. Then we walked a few blocks past the fest into Little Italy and had pasta dinner in an Italian restaurant. We found an art show that was the shop of Grant Pecoff, whose work we had admired in the shop at Coronado Island.Sicilian Fest We wanted to at least see the beach near where we were staying in Del Mar. It was very beautiful. adidas femme soldes There were surfers, dog walkers, joggers and the thing I enjoyed the most, purple flowers everywhere and of course, the azure surf. While I was waiting for Mary to arrive in San Diego I walked a few blocks of Broadway on the brick sidewalk imagining what it would have been like in 1888 when my Grandma Edyth was born there. legend zen for sale chaussures louboutin I explored the Horton Plaza that is built in the same place Horton began his dreams of a city of splendor and read other history accounts of the area. I also enjoyed the transit system with buses and trolleys. adidas femme soldes adidas gazelle pas cher To see more photos go to my Photo album.

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