Summer 2010

Summer happened the week of Memorial Day and July 17th! Seriously it was very overcast and broke a fifty year record of consecutive days of precipitation. The other two months were no better. Still, it was a great summer.

Beverly Lake   I love watching nature at the cabin. Our resident trumpator swans, nested, laid eggs, hatched and had the cutest sniglets. We were excited they came by to visit at two days old.swans visit, sniglets are three days old We also had a family of ducks and loon. As always, we had an occasional bald eagle fly over and very often rainbow trout were jumping. The tulips sprang up first from the bulbs Michael had planted the year before. Sprouting more slowly were the peas, lettuce, cabbage and broccoli that Michael planted. My raspberries are now three years old. In August the eight foot bushes yielded delightfully yummy red and golden berries.Raspberries

My children visit. Michael more than visited. He lived here for the summer, his third. Michael, hatcherHe was working for Princess-Holland America cruise ships rail cars pulled by the Alaska Railroad. 

Scott visited for a few weeks and it was great to share times with him at the cabin, he was there for the summer solstice. Scott, Michael and I were roasting hot dogs and made S’Mores at midnight, in the sun. We also visited Whittier, a port in beautiful Prince William Sound and Hatcher Pass, an old gold mine. Scott helped “clean the forest”.  Michael bought a chainsaw so the three of us made firewood from the fallen trees.Scott on lake

Christina visited too and we enjoyed talks, picking peas, driving to Seward in Resurection Bay, seeing former schools and homes, waterskiing, tubing with Michael. We will never forget the hike/overnight trip Michael took us on! Hatcher hikeWhat a beautiful Fall day it was with the cool, crisp air and yellow, orange and red ground cover. (we were above the trees.) We were in the Talkeetna Mountians with very interesting terrain. The hike started out with a smooth path, but quickly changed. We started ascending faster, then climbed over a “rock garden” with boulders the size of Volkswagons where you have to decide each step. Christina, boldersEasy for Michael, but Christina and I were wondering what is next? Where is Michael taking us? It was well worth it and I would love to go again. We camped beside Reed Lake. Michael took good care of us. He pitched a two man tent for the three of us, boiled water to add to the dehydrated dinner. It was chilly, but oh well. The stars were spectacular. I’d climb again twice as far just to see the stars again! We also enjoyed the wild blueberries, streams, waterfall and spending time together. Michael may have been frustrated with the laggers, but thanks Michael.
Scott and Christina hadn’t been “home” for over fifteen years. I enjoyed their visit very much. Maybe they will bring their families next year.Christina, flowers

Working for Princess-Holland America was really a test for me with the long 16 hour days and new culture of working with mainly kids in their 20s. We would go north one day, spending the night in the interior of Alaska and turning around and doing it in the south direction the next day. It got easier and more enjoyable as I got used to the job and better at it. I was a Rail Guide. Each rail car had it’s own bartender and rail guide. The cars were gorgeous dome cars which made the spectacular beauty of Alaska easy to see all around.Train, Healy The railroad is 500 miles of wilderness mostly with rivers, mountians, glaciers, bridges, a canyon, historic spots and very few cities. The highlight for the guests are the wildlife. We see moose, swans, eagle, occasionally a bear, whales and mountian goats. Seeing Mt. McKinley is always the highlight and only happens 20% of the time in a good summer and maybe 2% this summer. Denali, SusitnaWhen it is “out” it is so majestic and indescribably beautiful…wow!

The Fam  Having family in Alaska is wonderful. We got together many times. There are a lot of birthdays in the summer to celebrate. When Scott, Christina and Kendra each came we celebrated. And the usual holidays were a good reason to get together.brothers

Each summer has a highlight and hands down it was seeing my kids enjoying each other!


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  1. The pictures are gorgeous, Kathy! I’m glad you were able to spend time with Scott, Christina, and Michael. We would love to be able to come visit you up there some day. It sounds like you had some great adventures. I’d love to hear more about your experiences with Princess-Holland America.

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