As I was taking my routine, early morning walk on the Dominicalito beach in Costa Rica, I heard a rustling of leaves in a 30 ft., leaning tree. It seemed so odd that I gave it my full attention wondering what was up there. Was it a monkey or a big bird? Suddenly the tree fell. I went over to look and saw nothing or nobody, but stood there a moment too long in amazement that the tree just fell. I felt two bee stings and took off running. It was a moment too late because the bees are now swarming me. I am running, trying to get the bees out of my hair and screaming like a mad women. Of course I am not escaping them. I think of running into the ocean, but the tide is very far out and the area I was currently in has very many boulders in the way. Then I decided to hit them (hit me) to kill them. I ended up with bites on my scalp, back, arms, neck and face. Each bite had a stinger left in it. Guess that means they are finished! It was traumatic.



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