kids0309-450x2991I’m proud of my kids. Scott the oldest, (on the left) lives in Utah with his wife Kelly, son Erick and two stepsons. Brent (front right) lives in Maine with his wife Kirsten and three daughters, Skye, Jenna and Hayley. Christina (front and center) lives in Mississippi with her husband Trent and two sons, Tyler and Trenton. Ken (upper right) is in Georgia at basic training. His wife Heidi is in Florida with three kids, Blake, Cathryn and James. Michael (upper left) is traveling the world with girlfriend, Kim. They are currently in Maine with Brent, making their way to Alaska for the summer.

longacre-familyThis is the family I grew up with. Parents, John and Connie.  My four younger brothers are Dave, Doug, Roy and Ken. We grew up in Alaska. Photo taken 1972.